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SchoolAdmin is a game-changer for school management! This powerful, feature-rich, user-friendly software is designed to streamline every aspect of school operations, from student information and grades to attendance tracking and more. With SchoolAdmin, schools can easily manage all their needs in one place, saving time and resources.

But that's not all, the best part is that schools can register online on a web by clicking on a signup button. This means no complicated installation processes, no waiting around, just sign up and start using the software right away. It's that simple!

SchoolAdmin also includes comprehensive communication and collaboration tools, allowing teachers, staff, and parents to stay connected and work together more efficiently. This will not only improve the school's internal operations but also enhance the overall education experience for the students.

Say goodbye to clunky, outdated software and hello to a new era of efficient, streamlined school management with SchoolAdmin. Sign up today and experience the difference for yourself! Trust us, you won't regret it.

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Features Free Standard Premium
Student Module
Student information
Students Reports
Student Import
Student Attendance
Student Report Card (CBSE, State, ICSE)
Student hall ticket
Staff Module
Staff Information
Staff Reports
Staff Import
Staff Attendance
Biometric with eSSL security
Staff Payroll
Fees Module
Fee Payment
Fee Dues
Fees Reports
Cash Book
Expenses Module
Expense Summary
Income Expense Statement
Visitor Manager
Contact Manager
Web Cam Manager
Activity Book
Default Settings Module
User Roles
Multiple Users
Default Configuration
Graphs Module
Student Count Graphs
Fee Payment Graphs
Attendance Graphs
Expenses Graphs
Communication bridge
SMS and Email alerts*(Charges Extra)
Whatsapp Module*(Charges Extra)
Chat Module*(Charges Extra)
Video Conference
Transactional Emails
(1000 emails free per month. Transactional EMails for
Fee Payment / Birthday reminders / Fee dues / Holidays / Events)
Additional Features* Paid Contact Us
Parents Module* Rs.30 /Student /Year
Platform Mobile / Desktop / Laptop / Tablet
Transport Module*
Library Management*
EMail / Whatsapp / SMS Marketing / Campaigns*
(You can create Campaigns for EMail / Whatsapp / SMS
to track who has received/read and taken action.)
Support Module
Voice / Chat (Paid For Free Plan)
Remote desktop (Paid For Free Plan)
Email / Documentation / Videos
Response Time 48 Hours 1 Hours 30 Minutes
Features Free Standard Premium

Go Paperless, Go Green by using MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin ERP Solution

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MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin helps you manage your school the best way possible.

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We strive to embrace and drive change in technology for Schools.

Built for school

Functionality which schools actually want.

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72% faster loading speed compared to other School Software.

Frequently Asked Questions

SchoolAdmin ERP will let you manage your organization easily. It can manage fee payments, grade calculations, attendance, transportation, inventory, many reports with regard to every activity and also SMS and e-mail alerts for communication.
AMC charges are defined as per your plans, you can contact us or you can call directly.
Yes, we have implemented this feature in the fee payment section after the parents pay the fee. (SMS Features charges extra)
There are three Plan types - Free, Standard, and Premium. We've provided the Compare plan above for a quick look at the difference between the them, as well as a few examples of ways each license could be used. If you'd like more information always feel free to reach out with any questions you have at
You register your free account first on the Signup page. On successful verification, the account will be created within hours.
When you want to switch to Standard / Premium send an email. click on the upgrade plan to standard/premium. The account will be upgraded. And you will be under a trial period for 15 days. Make the payment to continue in the new plan or account will automatically switch back to the free plan after 15days trial period.
We regularly update the software with defect fixes, minor enhancements, education board requirements, etc., also we will have new feature releases. The defect fixes and enhancements under the existing modules in any plan is free of cost and you will be notified. Any significantly new feature will have some nominal cost for the existing customers. If you think you have an idea / feature which is very useful for any school, share it with us, if we find it to be compelling, we will include in our feature release roadmap. when this feature is released, it will be free for you.
Yes. A premium plan is required to enable this feature and you must have a domain/subdomain for your school. or we will create one under, send us an email request. It will be done in 48 hours. Contact our Support Team.
You can request for Multi School Management account for your Group of Schools, You can give logins to each of the schools so they can login independently and you can manage all of them together. get in touch with our sales team. we will guide you.
Yes you can manage all of them independently and also together. contact our Sales Team. to know more about it.
MSchoolAdmin runs on HTTPS all the communication end-to-end is encrypted. Data is stored on AWS Secured Cloud Server no one without authorization has no access. To access data passwords and private keys are required. If you want two-factor authentication. for your logins, we can enable it as well. Contact our Support to know more..
Free Plan is free always, as long as you use. If the account is inactive for more than 6 Months. It will be disabled automatically, take your data backup in excel regularly.

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